We are honored and grateful to be able to present The Filmshift Festival at a Boston area performing arts landmark for the seventh consecutive year and we’ve added another Summer venue this year:

Somerville Theater

Operated by F.E.I. Theatres, the Somerville Theatre continues to entertain locals with five screens of first run films and regular music and stage performances.  It struggles to compete with the giant chain theaters and the local non-profit art-houses, remaining, with its sister theatre, the Capitol, among the last of the neighborhood theatres that aren’t a charity.  It still offers an inexpensive ticket, lower food prices, fresher popcorn (with real butter if you want it), and a funky charm that bigger theaters cannot offer.

For more information check out The Somerville Theater’s official site »

Aeronaut Brewery

In December 2013, friends / housemates / cofounders: Dan, Ben and Ronn set out from a Somerville backyard on a journey that would become Aeronaut Brewing Co. On the first day of Summer 2014, we launched in the loading bay of a historic envelope factory, creating Somerville’s first craft BREWERY in more than a century.

For more information check out Aeronaut’s official site »

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