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Somerville, Mass. – The 4th Annual Filmshift Festival and Screenplay Contest is coming to the Somerville Theater this October.  Filmshift was created by independent filmmaker, Jeremy Jed Hammel, as a way to combine three of his passions: The art of film, bringing people together, and giving back to charity in his local community.

Filmshift presents independent films of most genres and has special Showcases for local films, student films, and films that have a connection to Environmental or Sustainable topics

Some films that Filmshift has presented in the past include “Earthwork,” starring Academy-Award nominee, John Hawkes (for “Winter’s Bone,”) Comic Con 2010 winner, “Marwencol,” and “The Burning Season,” narrated by Hugh Jackman.

Some of the films selected this year include : The premiere of “We Want The Airwaves: The WFNX Story”, a documentary on the most influential alternative rock stations in both New England and the U.S.  ”A Big Love Story,” winner of 5 Best of Festival awards and a film that the Hollywood Reporter describes as: “…brings fresh life to the overworked romantic comedy genre.”   “Down and Dangerous” is a taut action/thriller that is a Kickstarted feature film currently making waves across the independent circuit.  Of the 20 films screening this year, a majority are New England-based and nearly half of them were directed or written by women.

Ten percent of Filmshift’s gross ticket sales are donated to Christopher’s Haven, a local Boston charity that finds low-cost or no-cost housing for families staying in Boston for their child’s cancer treatment.

Named after “The 10% Shift,” a campaign launched by a group of New England entrepreneurs to encourage consumers to shift 10 percent of their everyday spending to local businesses, Filmshift will showcase more than 20 films including features and shorts from categories such as environmental/local issues, drama, comedy, horror, animated, and documentary.

“Since film crews began popping up more frequently in the Commonwealth, so did discussions about the economic impact movies would bring to bear, locally,” said Filmshift director and founder Jeremy Jed Hammel. “The fact is, when it comes to the towns we work and live in, there is no more meaningful impact than the filmmaker who hires locally and hires small. So, we’ve designed Filmshift to highlight those who exemplify this practice.”

“I am convinced that locally-based, small businesses will save our country both from this current economic downturn and from losing our diverse national identity,” adds Hammel.  “Filmshift’s goal is to spark an ongoing discussion about the role that independent films and local businesses overall can play in affecting such positive change.”

About Filmshift’s Founder

Jeremy Jed Hammel (Writer/Director/Editor) is an award-winning filmmaker and writer, as well as a film/TV crew member in the LA studio production and development worlds  (Tonight Show, ER, Hallmark, etc).  Films he has produced or directed were Official Selections for over 65 film festivals across the nation and he has garnered 10 or so filmmaking accolades including: Best Comic-Related Film – Comic Con 2010 (producer), Best Comedy Screenplay – 2011 Action On Film Festival (screenwriter), and a Golden Kahuna Award for Excellence In Filmmaking – 2008 Honolulu Film Festival, (co-director/editor) for a video for artist Lo-Fi Sugar, who went on to chart a Number one Beatport song with Paul Van Dyk’s “So High”.

Hammel has produced projects for The American Film Institute, NBC’s national network show, “Later,” and has worked in the production offices for NBC’s “ER” and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

Hammel’s screenplays have won awards in 8 screenplay competitions across the country, including the 2011 Woods Hole Film Festival, and the 15th Annual Fade In magazine/Writer’s Network competition. One of his screenplays even made to the Top 15% (out of 5500) screenplays for The Academy Award’s 2008 Nicholl Fellowship.

Hammel teaches video production at Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts.  He is oddly proud of the fact that in 2011 in the span of 3 weeks, he lost both of his shoes in the mosh pit at a Dropkick Murphys show and then lost his shirt in the mosh pit at a Matt and Kim show.  He believes that we are all here to help each other and he says Yo often.

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