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Join us for the 6th Annual FilmShift Film Festival at the Somerville Theater.  Spend a weekend with us watching wonderful movies by filmmakers from all over the country.

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Shorts Program #1 – 1:45 PM Sat. Oct 17, 2015 

Tama Ora (Child Alive) w/shorts 4 PM Sat.  Oct 17, 2015 

Shorts Program #2 – 5:30 PM Sat. Oct 17, 2015 

Druid Peak – 7:30 PM Sat Oct 17, 2015

“End of the Line” with “Super Ewan” – 1:45 PM Sun Oct 18, 2015

“New Generation Queens: a Zanzibar soccer story” with “Max” “Super Ewan”  and “Almost There” – 3:00 PM Sun Oct 18, 2015 

Shorts Program # 3 – 5:00 PM Oct 18, 2015 

Actor for Hire – 7:00 PM Oct 18, 2015

2015 Official Selections

Actor For Hire (Feature Film)

Actor For Hire7:00 PM Sunday Oct 18, 2015 - Accepted into over 20 film festivals around the country, this feature comedy is about friendship and fame in Hollywood. Being a BALD, out of work actor and desperate to be seen, Jesse discovers the power of persona in the form of a…cheap wig.  Wearing a part, to play the part can be hairy business in this industry satire where status, celebrity, and friendship are all on the line.

A Little Push (Boston Local Spotlight)

a-little-push5:00 PM Sunday Oct 18, 2015 - Featuring Slaine, (“The Town”) and Jay Gianonne (“The Iceman”), “A Little Push” is a dramatic film written, directed , produced, and edited by Jeremy Jed Hammel (Winner, Best Comic-Related Film — Comic Con 2010). The short film/music video stars Skinny Cavallo and effervescent newcomer Sarah Duncan, and is inspired by the song of the same name by Skinny Cavallo. Skinny is a man at a crossroads in his life. After a chance encounter with a stranger, he looks back on his life and the choices that he has made. The memories of his past begin to blend together with his present, with what he imagines his life could have been if he made different choices, and with the future lives he could lead moving forward. The only constant in his visions is his relationship with Julie ‘Jules’ de Goncourt, a woman who reminds him that the the only thing that is real is the connection shared between two people.

Almost There (Female Director and Boston Student Spotlight)

Almost There5:30 PM Sat. Oct 17, 2015 and 1:45 PM Sun Oct 18, 2015 In this animated short, a family endures an arduous journey on their way to a much-needed vacation. Graduation film from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.








Caveat Emptor (Somerville Local Spotlight)

CaveatEmptor-21:45 PM Sat. Oct 17, 2015 - A flea market bargain becomes more than its new owner bargained for in this atmospheric comedy set on Halloween.


The Curse of the Unkissable Kid (Filmshift Alumni)


Shorts Program #2 – 5:30 PM Sat. Oct 17, 2015 - Winner of three awards at the 4th annual Film Fest Twain Harte, including the Audience Award, this film has the feel of The Goonies but with a twist that may surprise folks and get them talking.  Josh spends his days dodging bullies and snarky school principals. To make his problems disappear, he drinks a gypsy’s magic potion… if only he’d read the fine print!

The End of the Line (Sustainability Spotlight)

EOL_poster_JPEG1:45 PM Sun Oct 18, 2015 - When two major energy companies teamed up to ship hazardous fracking byproducts from the northeast to the gulf coast, they didn’t count on the resistance the Bluegrass Pipeline would encounter in Kentucky. A diverse coalition of farmers, activists and religious orders won against all odds after joining forces to resist a threat to their land, liberty and lives.

Heal! Veterans Speak Out About PTSD (Female Director)


1:45 PM Sun Oct 18, 2015 and 4 PM Sat.  Oct 17, 2015  - ‘HEAL! Veterans Speak About PTSD’ is an integral part of a long-term project, entitled HEAL!, about military personnel who are recovering from the traumas of war with the help of their steadfast and highly trained companions–their service dogs. This film features five veterans speaking about their personal challenges with coming home, post-traumatic stress, and the human-canine bond that helps redirect their focus and nourishes their will to live.
U.S. service members are committing suicide at an unprecedented rate of 22 each day. HEAL! encourages veterans to seek help.

Long John

LJ_postersm 5:30 PM Sat. Oct 17, 2015 - During a frigid winter, John discovers the warmth and beauty of long underwear–but will it be disastrous for his love life?


Some decisions are tough. A very hard day in the life of Annette Davis.


No Love Lost

No_Love_Lost_-_30x40in_-_300dpi_rgb_copyA Jewish boy nurturing a secret romance with a Muslim girl, despite the realities of their backgrounds, is unaware he is being stalked. While the young lovers struggle to be open about their relationship, the stalker’s obsession reveals a thought provoking turn culminating in the trio coming face to face.


New Generation Queens: A Zanzibar Soccer Story (Female Director and Somerville Local Spotlight)

New_Generation_Queens_Practice_coed_1v1This feature documentary is the story of Zanzibar’s women’s soccer team, the New Generation Queens. The movie examines the history and culture around women’s soccer in Zanzibar. It also follows the team to mainland Tanzania, where the Queens participate in a tournament for the first time and several hope to be recruited to the Tanzanian national team.

Perfect Machine (Student Spotlight)

1890496_234521863419124_1179789493335139821_o1:45 PM Sun Oct 18, 2015 – In the near future, Citizens Stevens 8396 and Warner 5963 struggle in their oppressive society until they unwittingly discover a forbidden world outside the city walls where true freedom and self-discovery await..

Total Awesome Viking Power

TAVP poster_lowRes1:45 PM Sun Oct 18, 2015 - When Viking role player Vidar is sidelined to “the land of the dead” he seeks help of the god Odin, who agrees to teach Vidar the ways of the Vikings if he takes him to a mystical Runestone. Together they embark on a journey that will test Vidar’s wits, bravery and his ability to go completely berserk.

Super Ewan (Student Film Spotlight)

B9315497339Z.1_20141219135510_000_GHP9DVSO5.1-0Super Ewan Inc is the dream of 7-year-old Ewan who desires to bring hope and help to metro Detroit’s needy. As a 501c3, donations are tax deductible.

Tama Ora (Child Alive)

REACHability_TamaOra_Poster_v34 PM Sat.  Oct 17, 2015  - Tama Ora (Child Alive) follows nine families with special needs children and the staff of the Reachability Foundation, a non profit that serves these families, as they travel to exotic Tahiti with a goal and a mission. The goal was to give the families the opportunity to travel and vacation internationally with their special needs children. The mission was to help Tama Ora, a special needs center on the island in need of education and resources. What begins as a journey of goodwill becomes an inspirational story that changes the lives of every person involved on the trip.

The There (Student Spotlight)

THETHEREPOSTERfeb28three55:30 PM Sat. Oct 17, 2015 - Two women friends meet in a drained out pool where one seeks to win the other’s renewed companionship by showing her a film she made of an important incident in their lives. Two American women who turned their backs on their homeland and spent most of their 20s living as expatriates in Berlin, Germany reunite in Austin, Texas and find their lives have taken divergent paths. Erica visits the U.S. for the first time after spending eight years as an expatriate living in Europe. She wants to see her friend Ilyana, who had convinced Erica not to return to the U.S. after their year abroad as college students. After several years in Europe, Ilyana reversed her decision and returned to the U.S., but Erica stayed abroad and graduated from a German film school. Back in the U.S., Ilyana survives on an almost minimum wage job and lives on the margins of society despite her college education.

Two Landscapes

Two-Landscapes5:30 PM Sat. Oct 17, 2015 - A clash between the landscape the eye perceives and the one that’s deeply embedded in the mind.

Une Liberation (Filmshift Alumni Spotlight)

UneLiberationPoster1:45 PM Sun Oct 18, 2015 -On the eve of the liberation of Paris from Nazi occupation during World War Two, Juliet, an American resistance member, risks her life descending into the city’s underground tunnels to deliver a secret message to fellow fighter Jean. However, a final deadly encounter with a pair of German deserters threatens to destroy the very thing she’s been fighting for.

Waiting for You (Female Director)

Waiting for You1:45 PM Sun Oct 18, 2015 - After suffering a stroke that leaves him unable to communicate in the world. Pops finds himself alone waiting for his daughters return. When she does return a year later he comes to realize that life is about living, dying and the grey space between the two.

World Spins Madly On (Local Filmmaker Spotlight)

World Spins Madly On - film Poster 1:45 PM Sun Oct 18, 2015 and5:00 PM Oct 18, 2015   WORLD SPINS MADLY ON is a fun and quirky film about a two people who need a little help from the Universe to find each other.  “4 out of 5 stars – After watching World Spins Madly On I immediately felt happier!…I simply felt the world was a better place…[World Spins Madly On] embodies what the term “Indie Film” is supposed to stand for. “ –  Jeremy Jed Hammel (producer of “The Legacy” – Best Film, San Diego Comic Con, 1 million Youtube views) directed, edited, and wrote the film, which won Best Romantic Screenplay at the 2013 Woods Hole Film Festival contest.

The film features music from Grammy Nominated international electronic artist Moby, folk-pop stars The Weepies(as heard on How I Met Your Mother and Greys Anatomy) , up-and-coming band The Field Effect, alt-pop electronic troubadour, That One Eyed Kid and NYC bluegrass artist Kate Vargas. (Used with permission).

WORLD SPINS MADLY ON stars stage actress/singer Lauren Eicher (Company One, the Ruby Rose Fox band) and Doug Orey (lead singer of The Field Effect – 2013 Boston Music Awards Song of the Year) and features Dennis Hurley and Quentin James from Friends of Gertrude, voted Best Comedy Sketch Group, Boston Comedy Examiner. Roger Metcalf (photo work for GQ & Boston Magazine) is the DP, Colorist, and Sound Designer.


2014 Official Selections – Features

Saturday, October 25, 2014


1 PM – “A Big Love Story”  (Comedy Feature)  

3 PM – Short Film Program #1  (Variety of Short Films) 

5 PM – “We Want the Airwaves: The WFNX Story” (Documentary Feature)

7:15 PM – “Odd Brodsky” (Comedy Feature)


Saturday, October 25, 2014

12 PM – Boston Comedy Showcase

1 PM – TBD

3 PM – Short Film Program #2 (Variety of Short Films)

5 PM – TBD



A Big Love Story

Screens Sat. 10/12 at 4 PM and Sunday 10/20 at 4 PM

Winner of 5 Best of Festival awards and the Hollywood Reporter notes that it: “brings fresh life to the overworked romantic comedy genre.” Sam is a former college football star whose chance to play in the NFL abruptly ended with a blown out knee. Seven years after his injury, he finds himself alone, working a minimum wage job and weighing a deadly 413lbs. The time has come for some change; the time has come for some weight loss Knowing this is not a road he can go alone, Sam hires a personal trainer to kick his ass into shape. From his setbacks to his successes, we follow Sam’s inspiring journey as he battles to lose weight and struggles to find love.

A Little Push (Boston Local Spotlight)

Screens Sat. 10/12 at 5:30 PM and Sun. 10/13 at 2 PM

Featuring Slaine, (“The Town”) and Jay Gianonne (“The Iceman”), “A Little Push” is a dramatic film written, directed , produced, and edited by Jeremy Jed Hammel (Winner, Best Comic-Related Film — Comic Con 2010). The short film/music video stars Skinny Cavallo and effervescent newcomer Sarah Duncan, and is inspired by the song of the same name by Skinny Cavallo. Skinny is a man at a crossroads in his life. After a chance encounter with a stranger, he looks back on his life and the choices that he has made. The memories of his past begin to blend together with his present, with what he imagines his life could have been if he made different choices, and with the future lives he could lead moving forward. The only constant in his visions is his relationship with Julie ‘Jules’ de Goncourt, a woman who reminds him that the the only thing that is real is the connection shared between two people.

City Baby

Screens Sat. 10/19 at 5 PM

Between her best friend moving to Brooklyn, pressure to find employment from her pop (Daniel Baldwin), and juggling romances with an aging rocker boyfriend and a yuppie fling – Cloey is reluctantly plucked from her party girl reality to deal with her own set of common people dilemmas and accomplishments. Scattered with cameos from musicians like Stephen Malkmus (Pavement), live performances by Glass Candy and Starf**ker and a soundtrack featuring all local bands, “City Baby” documents the youth utopia of Portland Oregon, revolving through the lives of a few sexy, style-conscious kids surviving extreme love affairs and complicated friendships.

Clean Bin Project (Green Film Spotlight)

Screens Sat. 10/19 at 2 PM

This award winning documentary follows a year in the life of a young couple trying to live consumer and waste-free. It explores the larger issues of garbage in North America.

Demi Pointe (Boston Local Student Spotlight)

Screens Sat. 10/12 at 5:30 PM

Awarded the 2013 Indie Soul Best Picture at the Boston International Film Festival, “Demi Pointe,” is a story about communication, told through the eyes of a young girl who struggles socially, physically, and psychologically with a Speech disorder known as Selective Mutism. In order to escape her social anxiety, the girl retreats to her vivid imagination as a way of manipulating her own perception of reality.

Down and Dangerous

Screens Sat. 10/12 at 7 PM

This indie action/thriller that Filmmaker magazine calls “Amazing,” won both Best Editing and an Award of Excellence at the LA Film Awards. Always one step ahead of the Feds, Paul Boxer is the most inventive and principled smuggler in the trade, and has never needed to carry a gun. When violent mid-level traffickers coerce him into designing a foolproof plan to bring several kilos of cocaine across the México border, he maneuvers to rid himself of their hold over him once and for all. But when a sharp-witted woman from his past enlists his help to escape this rival outfit, Paul must confront the man that is hunting him down, and choose between his livelihood as a smuggler and his integrity as a man.

Dynamite Swine (Filmshift Alumni Spotlight)

Screens Sun. 10/13 at 4 PM

“Dynamite Swine” won the Best Feature Comedy Award at the Indie Gathering. Rebel, a down-on-his luck gambler, promises to save his girlfriend’s “Hair Salon For The Homeless,” from foreclosure, but instead only falls deeper into debt to a sadistic Russian quadriplegic. After his adopted brother and their bumbling friends complicate things even further, Rebel must enter the biggest card tournament of his life in order to save the salon, himself, his brother, and the life of a very special pig.


Screens Sat. 10/12 at 5:30 PM and Sun. 10/13 at 2 PM

Winner of 10 awards and screening at over 20 festivals around the world, “Far” was created by Filmshift alumni, Brian Crewe and Marion Kerr. David goes on a date with Hannah, a young woman, who isn’t quite what she seems.

Golden Earrings (Filmshift Alumni Spotlight)

Screens Sun. 10/12 at 6 PM

Joe Dante (Director of “Gremlins,”) says about “Golden Earrings”: “Julia Marchese puts herself on the movie map with a riveting performance in an unexpected and carefully calculated chiller yjat delivers the goods with wit and economical style.” Ronnie and Sara are best friends and roommates. And for Ronnie, Sara is her whole world. But one day, Sara suddenly disappears and Ronnie is left with a hole in her life that she cannot deal with. And her apparent guilt over something she’s done causes everything in her life to collapse. Despite her friends attempts to calm her, Ronnie sinks deeper and deeper into her loneliness. Until one day, Ronnie suddenly starts ‘seeing’ Sara. Or does she?

The Legacy (Boston Local Spotlight)

Screens Sat. 10/12 at 5:30 PM and Sun. 10/13 at 2 PM

Winner Best Film at Comic Con San Diego,”The Legacy,” was selected into the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner, has over 700,000 views on Youtube, received national theatrical release with a mid-sized theater chain, Cinebarre, and it is available on,, Xbox, and What would you do if you believed your father was a superhero? The Legacy brings to life a story about fathers and sons, imagination and magic, and believing in something larger than ourselves. Starring Paul Butcher, ( “Zoey 101,”) Louis Iacoviello, and Jo McGinley, “The Legacy” is a fun and exciting romp for audiences of all ages.

Maude (Boston Local Spotlight)

Screens Sat. 10/12 at 5:30 PM

Featuring music from the band, Film School, a young woman sneaks into her basement and discovers a world all her own.

The Night Divine

Screens Sun. 10/13 at 2 PM

Lo-Fi Sugar had the Number One “Beatport,” song in October 2008 with Starchaser’s “So High.” She has also toured and recorded with world-renowned techno DJ, Paul Van Dyk.This version of the piece was edited by Jeremy Jed Hammel and won a Golden Kahuna Award for Excellence in Filmmaking from the Honolulu International Film Festival. “The Night Divine” is Lo-Fi Sugar’s first music video from her debut EP, “The Divine Edit.”

Nuit Blanche

Screens Sat. 10/12 at 5:30 PM and Sun. 10/13 at 2 PM

“Nuit Blanche” explores a fleeting moment between two strangers, revealing their brief connection in a hyper real fantasy.

Prayers for Peace

Screens Sun. 10/13 at 2 PM

“Prayers for Peace” is a narrative stop-motion animation confronting the memory of the artist’s younger brother killed in the current conflict in Iraq. Drawn entirely with pastels on a slate chalk¬board, the materials used to create the animation become a metaphor for the impermanence of life.

The Robber (Boston Local Student Spotlight)

Screens Sat. 10/12 at 5:30 PM and Sun. 10/13 at 2 PM

What happens when a “robber” wants a ride to the bank? A young man heads home for the night, but is taken for a ride by a robber.

Stoop (Boston Local Spotlight)

Screens Sun. 10/13 at 2 PM

Filmed entirely in South Boston with all local cast and crew. “Stoop” tells the story of Monty, currently living on and around a brownstone stoop, and Nelson, a Busker (street performer), new to the area. As Monty and Nelson vie for control of their self-proclaimed territories, themes of gentrification and the value of learning to coexist are played out by the characters.

This Is Kelly

Screens Sun. 10/13 at 2 PM

“Tell me I can’t do it. Please.” At just over 400lbs, Kelly Gneiting rarely dodges anything, especially a challenge. This gentle giant from Fort Defiance, Arizona is about to show the world what a person of ponderous proportion can accomplish when heart, mind and focus are all of the same mass. This is no ordinary man. This is no ordinary feat. This is Kelly.

Wet Behind The Ears

Screens Sat. 10/19 at 3:30 PM

This “Millenial” comedy premiered at the Studio City Film Festival and was awarded Best Comedic Feature and Best Actress in a Comedic Feature to Jessica Piervicenti, and has continued to screen and win awards across the country. Samantha Phelps has just finished college, but while her ego has matured her resume hasn’t. Unemployed and breaking the lease agreement she held with her best friend Victoria, Samantha finds herself living with her parents and in desperate need of an income, while her best friend must navigate the difficult world of corporate America and finding a roommate on craigslist alone. Whether it is a scorned coworker or taking a minimum wage job working for a high school nemesis, the girls just can’t win.

We Want The Airwaves: The WFNX Story (Boston Local Spotlight)

Screens Sat. 10/19 at 7 PM and Sun. 10/20 at 2 PM and 6 PM

May 16, 2012: After 29 years as Boston’s fiercely independent Alternative music station, WFNX announces that it is being sold to Clear Channel Communications, and news of the sale rattles generations of music fans who have grown up listening to 101.7 on their FM dial. As the station counts down its last sixty days on the air, current and former WFNX employees reminisce about the station’s rich history and reflect on what the sale of this perennial David in a land of radio Goliaths says about the changing ways we relate to music and media.

Wild Girl Waltz (New England Local Spotlight)

Screens Sat. 10/12 at 2 PM

This feature is one of the best reviewed “true” indie films of the year, including this praise from Sonic Cinema: “Pure, unadulterated laughs…hilariously, absurdly great.” Tara and Angie take some “goofy pills” to escape the boredom of their small town existence. Brian is stuck baby-sitting them until they come down from their righteous high. Comedic mayhem ensues. This feature portrays drug use and adult themes.

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