The Filmshift Festival is a FOR-Profit organization created to support the arts, small business, and local charities.

Eighty percent of your donation here to Filmshift will go towards continuing the festival’s mission, while 20% will go directly to our local non-profit organization, Christopher’s Haven.  In exchange for you backing, we offer a number of fun perks and sponsorship opportunities, depending on your interest and backing level.

Read below to donate directly to Christopher’s Haven.

Christopher’s Haven

Christopher’s Haven’s mission is to make a tangible difference in the day-to-day lives of children undergoing cancer treatment at MassGeneral Hospital for Children by providing comfortable housing and a supportive community for them and their families.

Many children with cancer receive multidisciplinary care that includes surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.  The MassGeneral Hospital for Children is one of  only  five U.S. centers that offers proton beam radiation. Unlike traditional radiation, proton therapy makes it possible to precisely target the cancer without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue, bone and organs. Children come from all over the country  for these daily outpatient treatments for average stays of six to eight weeks.

The logistics of the procedures can prove challenging for patients and their families as they must stay near the hospital for the duration of their treatment. Finding affordable accommodations can be hard in an area where hotel rates average $139 a night.  Christopher’s Haven provides a comfortable place for children and their families to stay while going through through the of difficult process of treating cancer

For more information, check out Christopher’s Haven official site »

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