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2010 Filmshift Screenplay Competition Announced!

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Filmshift Screenplay Competition Announced!

We are excited to announce the Official Selections of screenplays chosen for the First Round of the 2010 Filmshift Screenplay Competition.  We received works from across the nation, from 4 separate countries, and with topics and themes just as diverse.

Filmshift congratulates our writers who’s screenplays placed and is proud of all those who entered the competition.

(The next round of the competition is the Top 25.  Those screenplays will be announced in about a week or so).

10 Minutes From Paradise by Janyce Lapore
Aftermath by Natalie Hanson
A Night Full of Blues Scott Harbison
Act of Contrition by Sabrina Zackery
Chances By Jeff Trently & Anthony Stitt
Codgertown by Robert Gately
Death Tax by Mike McGeever
Guided Tour by Peter Snoad
H2L0VE by Frances Key
Halfway Home by David Schroeder
Hide Fox by James Lantz
Honeymooners  by Ninan Tan
Hundreds and Thousands by Robert Mazzona
Keemo the Archer by Mark Winzer
Land Of The Free, Home Of The Slave by Cliff Zimowski
Lasting by Stephen Guilbert
Lesser Kings Screenplay by Farshad Allahdadi
Lola by Ninan Tan
Mr. Wendell by Vernon Mills
My Dead Wife by Pamela Beck
My Way by Judah Ray Neiditch
Practically A Party by Catherine Hall
Son of Prometheus by Idrissa Ekundayo
Sophronia L. by Tim Bridwell
Spotnik by Celeste Chan Wolfe
Stakeout by Gilbert Stark
Super High Maintenance by Leo Jenicek
The Bearer of Bad News by David Minaskanian
the budgie by Kimberly Coleman
The Door by Robert Cox
The Groom Wore Black by Ian Slang
The Helping Stone by Robert Tolz
The Kiarsidia by Bruce Golde
The Ladder Faisal Qureshi
Through Laura’s Eyes by Donna Adams
Trunk or Treat by Ron Podell
Walk on Water by Keith Reagan

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