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Facebook, New Blog, and e-Newsletter

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Be sure to join our Facebook Page by clicking here:

And/Or be sure to sign up for our e-newsletter by going to our front page (top right corner.)  That way, you can be the first to read exciting news and announcements about Filmshift.  Here’s just a taste:

Launched a new blog for a more in-depth look at Filmshift. Considered calling it “Shifting Perspectives,” but instead I chose…well, click here to find out:

Working really hard to try to announce the first batch of films by next week, so by sure to go to to be added to our e-newsletter…or send us a message here with your email address

Shooting a film in LA? Be sure to check out our local sponsors: Atomic Production Supplies LLC, Wooden Nickel Lighting, and for everything that you need! camera, grip/lighting equipment, experienced crew, and production supplies…also, just for good measure, Production Notices

Under a month until our Late Deadline! We are still accepting entries for films and screenplays…submit your work by August 2nd and save!

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